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Our mission is to accelerate the environmental and social transition,
for a more resilient economy, through education.


b.evolve believes in helping change leaders drive sustainable business evolution.

Our mission is to help accelerate the transition towards a resilient economy,

which is more respectful of its people and environment.

Today’s world is global and interconnected,

which makes the required changes systemic by nature.

We don’t believe in radical change happening overnight.

Experience shows us that change often happens in small pockets,

driven by engaged and responsible leaders.


By connecting the dots, by supporting and connecting responsible change makers,

by articulating and measuring how their actions contribute to the higher purpose of the organization, those small pockets of change can drive powerful,

systemic transformations over time.


Some see the corporate world as part of the problem.

We see it as part of the solution.


We believe business leaders can be a powerful force for good.

And we see that those leaders with the ability to transform their organizations are, more often than not, highly engaged on a personal transformation path - moving from “ego” to “eco”.


b.evolve helps engaged change leaders transform themselves, transform their organizations,
and contribute to creating more sustainable and resilient ecosystems.

For the benefit of all.


Because we want to achieve impact at scale,

our solutions address both current business leaders and to-be leaders -

undergraduate and graduate students who want to make a difference in this world. 


We train your managers to lead the transition towards sustainable business models. Our systemic, neurosciences-based approach uses an experiential business game to explore the benefits and challenges of moving from a linear to a circular and regenerative economy.


We are based at ENGAGE CITY

4 rue Vigée Lebrun, 75015, Paris, France


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